Question VPN Remote Working ?

Sep 3, 2022
I'm not an IT expert, so please, I need some help out :)
My girlfriend is starting to work as a remote customer service representative. The company verbally stated (the contract doesn't mention anything) that she couldn't do that job overseas. She really needs to travel to take care of somebody ill. She will need to use a VPN to keep a Canadian IP.
She needs to run periodically a compatibility test app provided by the company. So, I have some questions:

Do I need a simple external VPN server and a standard VPN service provider? Should that be fine?,aps,117&sr=8-6
Do you recommend getting a residential VPN IP? I don't know how deep those companies go to find out if somebody is using VPN. I don't know how much they care about that.

Any advice or comment would be very appreciated!


I am not really sure whether we can help you in regard to purposefully attempting to fool employer over a part of their requirements and/or contract. If she has been verbally informed not to do it, there are many possible repercussions mostly involving losing employment and without knowing what field perhaps criminal charges.


Sorry, but we're not here to discuss how to bypass another company's policies. This is an issue your girlfriend needs to discuss with the new company. Besides. The compatibility test app probably checks to see if you're using a VPN and if so, it may be grounds for termination and/or criminal investigation. Don't think you want your girlfriend going through that.

Best bet is to ask first.

They don't really need to test for a vpn itself they can just check the latency. You can't fix the delay caused by the speed of light.

It depends on why they say no overseas. Could be the application they run will not function correctly at high latency. You can hear the delay when it gets say over 200ms on a phone call.
Then again I guess you could just claim you moved to one of the extremely remote parts of canada that is only served via satellite.

What does "overseas" mean. Can you go to the USA or how about brazil. You can drive to both those.