Question Want to run 2 wifi networks. Apple Airport Extreme and Google Wifi


Oct 18, 2009
I am in a rental apartment and have internet provided. They are running an Apple Airport Extreme. I need to leave this device running for other tenants, so I cannot disconnect it. I want to add my Google WiFi mesh network and have both networks running at the same time. All my stuff is setup to connect to my SSID and I also want to protect my computers in a separate network.

I had a setup running for a few weeks in which I ran the internet out from the modem into a switch...then connected the Airport and my Google WiFi to that same switch. This worked for a few weeks.

Then I got the bright idea to reboot everything, and when I did, the two networks no longer worked together. I van no longer get them to work.

How can I get these to coexist?

PS. I tried duplicating the SSID of their network as a guest network on the Google WiFi, but others had issues connecting.