Warning: scam threads/posts (data recovery, file conversion, etc.)

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Notice to all Tom's Hardware patrons

There has been a dramatic increase in the volume of spam in the Windows sections of the forum. Many are spam posts from illegitimate websites. Be wary when you ask for advice concerning data recovery, file conversion, DVD conversion etc.

Many of them link to:
*Commercial websites (some legit, but free software alternatives can be found easily)
*Malware-laden sites
*Non-relevant sites
*Inappropriate sites

How to tell
*Few posts
*Recent joining date
*Posts on the same topic/about the same software
*Bad grammar and spelling

Be careful what posters you trust

We are a community of volunteers, we cannot filter every single scam as soon as it emerges so please report it and the issue will be resolved promptly!

p.s. Thank you amdfangirl for writing this up!!!
Not open for further replies.