WD Caviar Black How to ?


Feb 28, 2010
Hi there my new system will be ready on Monday (horay at last had to wait for Scan to get parts) .......From my old system I'm useing two WD caviar blacks 1TB each ok the storage one will go straight in as not changing it..........But I wish to use the other one for storage in my NEW comp in the old comp it was the operating system drive in the old comp.......Probhably very simple but having never dun it need to ask How do I wipe it so I can use it as a clean storage drive.

Thanks paul

I have a total of 6 WD Black drives in my computer in addition to 2 WD RaptorX and 2 SSDs (I'm a storage whore). The blacks don't make any noise at all but the Raptors are extremely loud. The performance of the blacks is simply amazing