Question WD Elements Play Internal Drive health.

Mar 9, 2023
Hi I have been using this WD Elements Play with 2TB internal drive since 2012. But recently it has been acting up, video freezing while playing . Hooking it up to the pc takes so long to boot. It even does not show on the explorer as "WD Elements Play" anymore just local disk. I could not even open it to back up the files inside. Drive health showed 51%, I guess the internal drive is busted. Too bad I can not those files anymore. I tried getting in touch with WD's customer support I got nothing. My question is, I'm planning to change it's internal drive from HDD to SSD. Is this possible? The player does play videos perfectly when you hook up an external HD to it but the problem is the internal. Not sure what's the best option for me and if I can still save those files.