web-site submission to search-engines


May 31, 2001
Hi everyone, I recently made an art web-site for my family's business, and now I need to submit it to as many search engines as possible. I searched online, and it seems there are hundreds of companies that can do that for me for an average cost of $120 per year, and even though I am willing to spend that, I don't know which one of these companies is the most serious, and won't just take my money and submit my site to a couple of unknown search engines in a low position... I am wondering if any of you guys has already submitted your own site, and if you are satisfied with the service and performance of the company that you used..... please give me the url. Also, I heard about some of those free submission softwares, but I'm not very convinced about those.....!?!?! If you used one that works, I would appreciate if you can tell me its name.
Thank you all in advance

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Jul 7, 2001
Just go to all the big search engines and enter in your information manually.
It usually takes between 2 weeks and 6 months to get fully listed everywhere.
47% of my site traffic comes from YAHOO. That’s pretty typical of all the web sites I’ve build so make sure you get on their list! Also make sure that you have META data, and even more importantly a good title on every page. You may want to list some of the main pages of your site as different listings in the Search Engine. Over 90% of my traffic doesn’t come in through the home page.

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