Question Websites and Programs seem to not be connecting immediately/being blocked?


Jan 11, 2014
This began fairly recently but I'm not sure what caused it. I've noticed that often when I type in a web address, or even do certain things in programs it seems like the site isn't initially connecting, but i can always refresh or type it in again and it will work. For example when I typed in "toms" to get here and clicked a history link it originally said could not connect but I clicked refresh and it worked.
Other places I notice this are my steam games will often say "steam cloud error, there was an error synchronizing your files".
I can click that and press "retry sync" and it always works.
I noticed when I log into tabletop simulator it says "Couldn't connect to #tabletopsimulator! Could not resolve host '' Exception of type 'yIRC.NotconnectedException' was thrown.
Sometimes epic games has trouble loading the store page at first.
The problem occurs on various other website as well.

Is this some sort of firewall issue or what?
Maybe it is a DNS issue. Try changing the DNS in the IPv4 settings to or I would disable ipv6 while you are in there making changes. IPv6 provides almost no benefit to most people and causes strange issues if your ISP actually has some support.