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Question Weird issue with Memory causing Pc not to boot

May 18, 2020
OS- None

RAM-Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 2400 1.2v

MOBO- MSI Z270-A Pro

CPU-i7 6700K

I have 2x8 (16GB) of Crucial Elite Ballistix DDR4 that came as a pair. One won't work on all channels but the other will on all channels. The one that doesn't work, works on two other motherboards I tested.

I get an EZ Debug reading that flashes from CPU to DRamm with the single stick I'm having issues with. I tested that stick in my personal system with no issues alongside the other one and it was fine. I set up another motherboard I have and it also worked fine in single and dual channel. The problem only occurs when it’s in this board but the channels were all tested individually and work. I updated the bios thinking the newer memory support would work but it did not. The CPU fan is on just fine and I've cleared the cmos/bios. Oh, and I've tested two other kinds of DDR4 on the same board without issues.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks