Question Weird issue with win10 wired device, intermittent can't ping internet/router but can ping local wifi devices

Oct 29, 2021
I'll start off with saying my wife's PC had this issue about 2months ago, a wired Windows 10 box appeared to drop its network connection for about 5 seconds every 20-30 seconds. The only recent-ish configuration change was about 5 months ago when I swapped to a D-Link DIR-3040 router.

I tried all the suggested guides online (Win10's network reset, fiddling with drivers, tried different cabling, tried different ports on router, netsh resets, etc). In the end I bought a PCI ethernet adapter and connected her PC with that, and it was fine. I chalked it up to a hardware failure on an ~8 year old motherboard.

Cut to today, and I start experiencing the same issue on my box (wired Win10 device). I run a ping to, and to my router, and I can clearly see interruptions every ~25 seconds. I run through all the same troubleshooting steps I did on hers with no luck (haven't put the PCI card in my device yet).

Now the real twist I run multiple raspberry pi's with cameras (all connected through wifi), and notice I'm not seeing any interruption to those camera feeds. You can see in the screenshot below, I'm running ping to Google, one of my cameras, my router, and have a Putty window to the camera and have it pinging out to Google as well. My ping times out to google/router, but not to my camera, or from the camera out.


I've ordered another PCI card, but I'm at a loss of what the root cause could be. If traffic was failing between my box and the router, I wouldn't expect to be able to ping wifi devices on the network.
fiddling with drivers
how exactly?

just make sure you have the latest Ethernet drivers from the motherboard manufacturer's product support page.
many times they will be updated just to correct issues like this with a certain OS.
having the same issue with two different systems seems odd though.
multiple raspberry pi's with cameras (all connected through wifi), and notice I'm not seeing any interruption
i would still lean towards an issue with Windows for now.
i've never experienced any problems but i see many users on different forums every week writing about having zero issue with wireless but having similar, and worse, issue with Ethernet connections.

does your Windows system not have WiFi capability so that you can just bypass wired connection?
i get same max ISP speeds with either.