Question Weird issues with PC


Nov 14, 2018
PC randomly restarted while I was playing a game and watching a show; im up to date on windows so I dont think that was it, only happened once. Then today I turn my PC on and my main monitor says no input, and it tries to run on my second monitor for some reason, but then starts restarting over and over but super fast. I turned it off manually then tried again and it will boot up on my 2nd monitor, my first one says no input, THEN starts on my main monitor and both work fine.

I checked all the cables and connections of course and they are fine; I cleaned my PC and made sure everything inside was fine. However, I ran a fulls can through windows and it froze my whole PC and my keyboard turned off which was weird and I had to restart again.

Anyone have any insight into this? Not really sure whats going on with it.