Weird Partition problem




I have a weird problem, for which I'm trying to evaluate the actions (not) to be taken to solve it.

I have a HDD with one logical partition no longer accessible and which shows in Windows Disk Management but the partition doesn't have a name nor File System and is reported 100% free

When I launch EaseUs Partition recovery and select the HDD, without scanning, the partition is reported with the correct name, the correct File System and even the used size seems to be ok.

How should I understand this ?
That the partition (table + content) is ok and should not be recovered/touched, but that something else is wrong ?
I want to avoid touching the partition / HDD when not needed as that is always a risk.

I hope someone will be able to point me into correct direction ?

Thank you


Jun 7, 2016
I'm not quite sure I follow. So you have, according to windows, lost a partition that had data on it and you want to recover it, but not fail to recover it on the first try for fear of losing data?

If that is true then send the drive out to be professionally recovered.

If that is not an option you will need to bite the bullet and attempt something. You can not diagnose an issue by thinking about it over and over you need actual evidence and will have to make a hard decision. The only other evidence you can gather would be to put your ear to the drive while powered up and listen for noises that should not be happening. I would certainly try to recover the partition information first with a fast scan as it is less strenuous on the drive than a full scan with file recovery.