Question Weird ram problem

Apr 28, 2019
mobo: GA-Z68P-DS3
cpu: i5 2500k
gpu: gtx 1060 6gb
ram: 24gb*
I keep going into a boot loop if I put in my new 8x2 gb ram(I tried using one of them and in every slot). But if I put in the old ram(8gb ddr3 1600mhz) stick in the first slot it works. And when I say it works I mean I can put in the new two sticks in and even dual channel works with the old stick (new ram rated at 1866mhz). I don't know anymore what to do.


  1. Check the MB to see it has the newer BIOS or not, if it does not, you may consider to update it. But keep in mind, if you don't do it right, you may brick the MB.
  2. When you mixed the RAM, you may or may not have the compatible problem, it is most common problems.
You may try to do:
  1. update the chipset driver.
  2. Clear the CMOS, by removing the CMOS battery, use the old one ( 1600mhz) to boot into the BIOS memory section to enable the XMP profile. Shut down the PC, install the new one ( 1866mhz), then boot the PC to see what happens. If you still have the same problem. Try to manually to tweak the RAM timing. If it does not work out, forget about it.