Question Weird thing

Mar 7, 2019
Ok so i just got my extra x2 8gbs 3200mhz of ram which i already have the EXACT same of same brand same mhz etc

But i had a little weird issue so at first i insalled it like any normal person would

and it seems to go black screen then restart and boot into recovery saying it could not boot windows 10 since n20 kernel or something was missing

and would NOT let me go into safe mode

am confused so i took 1 random stick out and started again it RAN FINE i was like wtf?

Ok so i go and put that ram stick back in my pc and it comes up with a error screen saying it could not load windows But a diffent menu this time i press try again. and it loads FINE

so am very confused here what i did wrong to make it do that it seems to run fine after that? may anyone tell me what i did wrong


Mar 17, 2006
One of your RAM stick may be dodgy - you may want to try running memtest86+ on each of them separately, using the same RAM slot each time.
Also, make sure you only use XMP (or A-XMP) setups in your EFI/BIOS, and not set the RAM''s speed manually : out of spec RAM speeds (such as 3200 MHz) need higher voltage, typically 1.35V instead of 1.2V.
Lastly, even when you get the exact same reference for both RAM sticks, some manufacturers actually use different RAM chips from one production run to another. That's why it's best to always get your RAM sticks in pairs. Nowadays it shouldn't cause problem, but you never know...