What about performance ram ?


Sep 17, 2006
I was wondering about the use or performance ram.
From what I have read so far; it seems as if a 1:1 ratio works best.
If this is true then let me ask this.

I bought this ram
OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 / 1150 MHz / Reaper HPC Edition / Dual Channel
(EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles) setting is rated at 1142MHz)

Now from what I can tell I would need to get my CPU frequency up to 575mhz to be in a 1:1 ratio setting?

"I am a newb in this so please be understanding.."

So if 575mhz (if that is even possible) is goin to be the frequency at a multiplier of 5 that would give me 2.875Ghz on my C2D E6750.

And I think it would also give me a FBS of 2300 Mhz ?

Can this be right to get me a 1:1 ratio?
And I'm pretty sure my MoBo is not rated for 2300Mhz !

So does the use of performance ram up to its top speeds require that I forgoe the use of a 1:1 ratio ?

oh and btw cpu-z states my RAM at ddr800 which is a 5:6 ratio on my current Cpu frequency of 333Mhz.

Again I was wondering if I actually bought RAM that will never be used effectively.



May 24, 2006
no you can lower your multiplier so you can get your FSB so high

there is also no need to hae it @ 1:1 this will only see performance increase when the FSB of the MB is close to that of the ram, down clocking your RAM to far or overclocking your FSB to far isnt wortht eh loss in performance or instabiltiy problems