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Question What are the best OC settings for a GTX1080Ti / I7-8700K?

Nov 13, 2019
I'm using an ASROCK motherboard, and was looking through the settings, checking things out after I watched a few OCing videos, and I saw some of the videos mention a "Turbo" mode, so I went to go see if I had the mode, and all's I saw was "EZ OC" so I enabled it, did some stress tests and all was fine, then around 2-3ish hours of my PC being on, and me watching YouTube, my PC hard locked. So, I came here to see if A) EZ OC is even good. B) If not, what are the best manual settings.

P.S. This is my very first time ever OCing. Take it easy on meh.

EDIT: Just thought of this. Does the EZ OC feature OC your GPU as well, or do you have to do that manually?
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Overclocking, by definition, is working outside the guaranteed specifications so it is a trial and error exercise that is highly dependent on the specific silicone you have installed in your machine. What works on someone else's machine may or may not work on your machine. Ditto GPU.


EZ OC won't touch your GPU.
What you can try is turning EZ OC on again and getting all the OC settings that it is adjusting to (either in BIOS or HWiNFO64 in Windows). Then, manually, back the settings off a bit and adjust them individually, to fine tune.

It will take time to do this, probably a weekend or two to get all the settings right.
As above it takes time but there is a lot of headroom in the 8700K to overclock to 4.9GHz and 5GHz through a manual overclock with a low vcore. Using MSI Afterburner will allow you to get the best out of the 1080Ti.

You should be able to find a forum for your motherboard and the 8700K and get some settings and of course learn the overclocking process. Thankfully it is not too hard with the Z370 and Z390 series motherboards...