[SOLVED] What can a microsd card do for a laptop?

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What can a micro sd card do?
I bought one for my phone to make it smoother while browsing and help with image quality only to realize I couldn't format it as internall storage.

So I had it formatted on my laptop. It is a 64 gb it has a 80 or 90 mb download speed and 70mb write speed, I ran a test on crystal disk mark.

I couldn't find anything on the first page of google so I have decided to comr to you guys.

Will it help with load times, help have a smoother experience on the internet, or what?
The SD card in your phone won't help make it smoother or anything to do with image quality, only thing it does is expand the space available to store things. Same thing for a laptop, just will add some more removable storage. Where did you see that an sd card would speed things up? I'd like to see who is recommending that.