[SOLVED] What can be upgraded in a Acer Aspire TC-605

Dec 31, 2018
I am a kid and this is my first computer which I am looking to play Fortnite and CS:GO on and the pc is an Acer Aspire TC-605 which has and intel i5-4440. I would like to know if I can get better graphics. I currently get 30 to 50 fps,but would like better. Is there anything that can be upgraded to allow a better gaming experience?
You don't say what you're using now, that computer was configured in different ways. Assuming you're using integrated graphics or something very low end like a GT 730 I'd say a GT 1030 w/DDR5 vram would be your best option. It should be small enough to fit, and uses only around 30w of power. I can't think of another card anywhere near as fast which uses power amounts that low.

One downside, especially with Fortnite, is a 1030 works best at 720p. You can try it at 1080p but I think overall you'd be happier at 720p. The CPU in that computer is still very capable, but the power supply and small space limit your choices.


Apr 12, 2016
As long as you upgrade you psu. You can run any pci 2.0 express 16x

I have the same computer and currently have a rtx 2080ti it works great. Upgraded from a gtx 750ti strix. The spacing is tight as hell but if you unplug the useless wire in the way on the mother board. It controls the beep sounds when booting useless anyways then even a 2080ti pci e 16x will fit.

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