Question What capture card for the pc should I buy to capture the tv to the pc and also to record the tv on the pc ?


@Ralston18 - Actually, it's not. I did it for years.
At first, it was just an NTSC TV Tuner Card that allowed me to "DVR" free, over-the-air broadcasts. Remember the ATI All-In-Wonder cards? When the digital switch came (here in the US anyway), I switched over to an ATSC TV Tuner Card. Finally, I dropped $300 on a Ceton InfiniTV4 card and leased a cablecard from my cable TV provider. This allowed me to turn my HTPC into a DVR. I could record anything that was broadcast via my cable company.

The issue was with certain Pay Channels and sporting events. You could still record them, but you could only view them from the device they were recorded to. I could not move those recordings off of my HTPC.

@chocolade13091972 - While you can certainly still use TV Tuner cards for over-the-air broadcast recordings, Here in the US anyway, cable TV providers are no longer required to support cablecards or cablecard devices, so cards like my Ceton or the SiliconDust devices are no longer supported.

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