Question What cpu to upgrade to?

Mar 4, 2019
my rig is an fx 6300 and gt 1030 i am bottle necked by my cpu so i need to upgrade that but gpu is planed to be nvidia 1660 ti wat am3+ socket cpu should i get i hope i can get something better than fx


There isn't one. The only option you have is to move from 6 core to 8 core. Performance will be mostly the same, some games might see slight improvement. 8320E or 8370E.

Your best bet is either OC that FX upto 4.6+GHz or scrap the whole thing and get a newer platform. Unfortunately the fx series has pretty low IPC (instructions per clock) and games need those instructions fast.
Even a high end FX is going to have trouble feeding the 1660 Ti. We're talking about a GPU with right around GTX 1070 performance... and the most powerful card I'd put with something like an FX 8350 is a GTX 1060 6GB. You get a performance gain with a GTX 1070, but in many games you don't get the full capability of the GPU because the CPU isn't powerful enough to drive it.

Not to mention that a budget AM4 CPU like the 2200G is more powerful than the top end FX chips... and the most powerful GPU I'd pair with the 2200G is the GTX 1060, you're probably better off with a full platform upgrade.