Question What does Win10 user account block access to?


Oct 22, 2017
Long story short I disabled all services in Windows 10 msconfig and couldn't log into windows anymore (got wrong Pin or password messages, running on a Microsoft account). I used an old password and problem solved (Puh!).

But made me wonder, as before I gained access, I tried to use Porteus boot (Linux) to copy personal files from the Windows drive. But when I clicked the C drive in Porteus it demanded a password. In this situation I was in panic as I figured Windows had all my personal documents locked forever.
Would my personal files also have been unavailable if booting from Windows 10 command prompt through install media USB? Never tried that. Command prompt through win 10 "Shift-restart" was password locked I think.

But later, after I had Windows 10 running normally I could access C partition and personal files through Porteus boot without a password!
So now I'm really confused as to whether you can or can't access personal files on the Windows 10 drive if not able to log in with your Win 10 account password/pin for whatever reason.
Or in short: what is the user account login in Win10 really blocking access to? Just using the win 10 software not your personal files?


Group Policy settings.

Start here:

And please remember that Forum policy does not permit assistance with work-arounds or other attempt to bypass security measures of any sort.

If you do not have full admin rights to the computer in question then you will need assistance from the person who does have those rights.

And can change or otherwise address access problems regarding personal files.