Question What files can I delete on my SSD (HELP!)

Aug 23, 2019
So I recently transferred my OS to the new SSD I purchased and everything seems to be working very efficient. The only problem I have is that I bought a 512gb one and don't have enough storage for most of my games. When I transferred all the files I had from my HDD to my SSD it seems like everything I have other then my OS system is the same in my HDD. My question is I want to know which files I can delete in order to ensure I have enough space for my SSD for games. I only want my OS and games I buy on the SSD, and anything else like pictures and other downloads on my HDD. Any advice?

This definitely might not help much so I'm sorry in advance. I just want my SSD drive to be for my boot up and games only. I need to know how to do that. f this isn't making sense it might help to help me on discord if anyone would be up to that of course.