Question What games should I play for youtube?

Apr 11, 2019
I have a youtube channel that I want to grow by playing games (no money, just a hobby of mine) what game should I play for long term? I did tried Witcher 3,Skyrim,SWTOR,GW2,GTA V did not went so well, barely getting 3-5 views in 2-3 weeks, and my skyrim video stuck at 0 views for a month despite its still a popular and a loved game.

Perhaps I do wrong video titles and descriptions, can any of you give me some examples? Title like "SWTOR Gameplay 2019" etc going to get me ANY views? I accept anything I get, its just so annoying my hard work gets 3 views in 2-3 weeks, depends on the game of course, so what game I should play?

I really don't want to play that trash "game" named Fortnite because its basically a horrible experience with toxic community plus I'm not good at base building, besides there is already 999999 people uploading fortnite content.

I own a computer, not a console, not planning to get a console since I'm a born PC gamer from early 2000s and have no basic idea how to use a controller/gamepad

Video title,game and description (and also tags if you don't mind) suggestions and advice will be much appreciated,

Thank you
I find the number of views/comments you get has as much to do with where you post your videos as how you title them or what games you pick (barring games that are very unpopular). All those titles you mentioned are pretty popular really.

Beyond that, there are tricks people use to grow popularity, such as narrating their videos, subscribing to other's channels to get subscribers, etc. If you ask me, at that point it becomes more of a nuisance than a fun hobby.

What I've done, which definitely takes more time and commitment, is pick games that I've learned how to play pretty well, then check for videos others have done on YouTube, and try to offer something I've not seen.

For instance in Ghost Recon Wildlands, I did a video guide series on how to beat it on Extreme difficulty mode, but with no HUD or Skill upgrades. Tier One mode is harder, and I've beaten it on Tier One mode at the highest Tier level 1, but you can die just as fast on Extreme with no Upgrades, it's just that the enemy reaction time is not super human like on Tier One, thus such a guide appeals more to mainstream players. Plus I never saw any videos of anyone beating it on Tier level 1 OR Extreme with no HUD or Skills.

Then I made a thread about it on the official game forum, and it became popular enough to be stickied. It will as well to a degree improve the number of views on your YouTube channel, but not hugely so. You're more likely to get huge views from main stream players just doing first play throughs when the game first launches. Unfortunately, then you are competing with players whom have popular enough channels to often get the game before others do.

Before I did the Ghost Recon Wildlands guide, I did a very similar one on The Evil Within on Akumu mode with no Upgrades, Locker Keys, or DLC weapons. There were others doing Akumu no Upgrade/Key runs of course, some as very fast speedruns, but never with no DLC weapons. Plus there's generally a huge split between super fast runs, and very slow ones with these restrictions. Mine landed in between the two, being way faster than the ones just slogging through it, yet at a casual enough pace that anyone could follow. It matters a lot if it's something mainstream gamers can relate to.

Lastly, don't underestimate video quality. YouTube is a great service, but one thing that sucks about it is their conversion bitrate for 1080p uploads is horribly low in proportion to their conversion bitrate for 1440p uploads. It's literally 3-4 times less, despite 1440p being only about 78% more pixels. This is why so many 1080p vids on YT look blurry and pixelated. I've also read that if your channel is hugely popular, they use much higher conversion rate. Don't know if that's true, but it wouldn't surprise me, because huge view numbers vastly increases the ad space value of that channel, which is big money for YT.

The trick I used to use to overcome the horribly low conversion bitrate for 1080p uploads is to slightly resize the 1920x1080 vid to 2048x1152, to trick YT into using the higher bitrate. This however no longer works, it has to be an actual 1440p upload for YouTube to use the higher bitrate. However the good news is the video will still look a lot better resizing even as high as 1440p, as long as you use enough bitrate to encode it before uploading.

YouTube recommends 30,000 bitrate for 2560x1440 uploads, but I have found it depends how graphically detailed the game is. For instance I was able to use 20,000 bitrate on The Evil Within, but Ghost Recon Wildlands with it's detailed ground foliage and faster pace required 30,000. I also use Avidemux to edit and compress with. It's just a basic editor, but more streamlined and faster at encoding. It also has an ABR option (Average Bitrate), which is two pass and very high quality.

Here are examples of the same mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands, one as a 1080p 12,000 bitrate upload (the max rate YT can make use of at 1080p), and one at 1440p at 30,000 bitrate. Make sure you select the 1080p, and 1440p options, not Auto. Make sure you compare the ends of the videos, as the fast paced driving during the escape is where the difference is most noticeable. It's also most noticeable fullscreen vs the small embedded viewer.

1080p Upload

1440p Upload
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