[SOLVED] What graphic card would you recommend for an old Dell Optiplex 3020 and 9020 for office use only an sometimes watch videos

Sep 16, 2021
Is it worth to install a Graphics card here?
Will it bring some performance?

What do you think?


The important aspect for either of those machines would be form factor and what will fit, as well as the limitations of the PSU. It isn't/wasn't unheard of for Dell to use Gold rated supplies. I have utilized cards like and up to the 750ti since it offered better performance available in a small form/height and didn't require supplemental power.

With that said, if I am recalling correctly those are on 2nd or 3rd gen Core i processors. If you are happy with run of the mill 1080 viewing they should work fine for that.


For each, it depends on the form factor of the unit as well as the rest of the system specs. The integrated Intel HD 4600 should be more than enough for watching videos, but perhaps, where you're lacking is RAM or even the processor.

For both systems, the Micro Form Factor and for the 9020 USFF, there are no graphic expansion slots. For the remaining form factors, the desktop version has a 255 watt power supply and the Micro-Tower has a 290 watt power supply. This isn't enough for much of a graphics card upgrade at any rate. The best you could get would be little more than your current on-board graphics, but with it's own VRAM. Again, if you're short on RAM, perhaps that would be the better upgrade.

Just some food for thought.

-Wolf sends

Dell Optiplex 9020
Dell Optiplex 3020
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Is it worth to install a Graphics card here?
It depends on what are you trying to accomplish.

Will it bring some performance?

What do you think?
Dell Optiplex 3020 and 9020 come in several form factors (sizes)...Mini-Tower (MT), Small Form Factor (SFF) and Ultra Small Form Factor (USFF)
The Ultra Small Form Factor versions do not have space for a GPU nor do have a slot for it.

The Small Form Factor could supports a low profile, low power GPU (without PSU upgrade)
The Mini Tower could supports a low power GPU (without PSU upgrade)


Jun 30, 2010
Is it worth to install a Graphics card here?
Will it bring some performance?

What do you think?
It depends on what youre trying to do, if you just need some more advanced video decoding capabilities, or potentially light gaming, and it has a core i5 or better and an open PCIE slot then you could look at something like a GT1030 GDDR5, GTX 1050, rx 460, rx 550, rx 560.





No RX 560 listed as the pricing is just terrible, you can pick up a GTX 970 for about as much.

Honestly if its a mid tower the winner is definitely that RX 460, lol that may be the best graphics card deal you're going to get for now period, itll probably still be worth like 20 bucks in 2 years time so youd only lose out on 60 dollars vs like 120 - 140 if you picked up a GTX 970. Otherwise the RX 550 and GT 1030 are your only options with the RX 550 being newer and a solid 30% faster with twice the vram for not much more.
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