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Jun 7, 2022
Hello I ordered a 11700k so I can overclock it on my asus prime z series mobo but I ordered a 1650 OC edition because funds are tight but if I experience a bottleneck what would the symptoms be? Thank you.
Also have 750w Evga gold psu and 32gb ddr4 Corsair ram I want to overclock.


"Bottleneck" is mostly a tech-word term used to describe a situation in which one (or multiple) bits of hardware within your system are holding back the possible performance based on its imbalance with the other components for the usage. Read as a buzzword being used mostly by tech influencers and video producers to help sell sponsored equipment.

In your case, if you put on something like Riva/Afterburner you are likely going to see 100% GPU use in games while the CPU itself is barely being utilized. If you weren't playing games and this was only for something like multiple monitor support and such then the "bottleneck" (I so hate this term) wouldn't present for the use case.

Edit- The thing to focus on is whether the components give you reasonable performance along with your reasonable expectation of its ability to do so. If you are thinking that 1650 is going to turn high frame 1440+ resolution gaming, then your expectations are not in line with reality. That GPU should offer really decent 1080 gaming at medium settings with an expectation of 60 frames, give or take a bit based on the title. The rest of your machine is going to offer great performance for productivity tasks and more.
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A bottleneck is the weakest link in the hardware chain that's preventing the system from getting better performance. This is not necessarily a bad thing. You will always have a bottleneck somewhere in the system.

Focus not on what is this weakest link, but rather if the system performs to your needs or better. Set some reasonable performance requirements (like 1080p medium quality at 60FPS) and see if you're satisfied with what you get based on that
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