Question What is my case?

May 25, 2019
Here are the specs:
3 spaces for Optical drives (last one down bolted outwards)
2 front fans (not sure if they came with it, but they are blue LED fans)
2 side fans (same as before, but also brushless
1 back fan (same as side)
Multipurpose jack placed on the top (with movable cover)
1 top fan (custom placed)
Seems to be a mid-tower?

Anyone who can find out, thanks so much. I have no other info, except for a barcode at the back reading 'CT14O2SDMIHOO380'. I may have read the Os incorrectly, but it's hard to read.
Mar 17, 2019
We need to upload a picture with your case on Imgur, like Dark Lord of Tech suggest to you, and then select “direct link” on Imgur, copy the direct link, and then use the little landscape icon wich is here in your thread and paste to attach the direct link.
Only this way, we can tell you what type of your case is.
Your description and the code at the beginning is not usefull. Maybe your case is a middle tower, but I am not sure, or here on the forum, only with a best description provided, sometimes with photo attached, you will find a competent answer. And you will, but a little effort from you is needed.
Guys, please be tolerant with him, is a beginner on our forum.
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