Question What is the best keyboard for competitive gaming? with the size of tkl or 75%


Jul 20, 2018
Hello, I was wondering what the best kb for competitive gaming is. I would like to know the best kb with also the size of TKL or 75%. Thanks.
that is such a vague question that it doesn't really deserves a proper answer.

it really depends on what you need. obviously when you're into MOBAs or Starcraft you might prefer another keyboard then when you're playing a competetive shooter or a Tetris emulator.

if it's just about the keys: the best "competetive gaming keyboard" is the keyboard you feel most comfortable with. Corsair & Razor target gamers with some keyboards wth the red/silver/green switches, I find them really uncomfortable and prefer a bit of feedback on my keys.

furthermore, what does a gaming keyboard have to be different from a regular keyboard? it's about pressing buttons, whether you're clutching a 1v5 in csgo or are writing the next bestseller. in both cases the keyboard is merely a tool that won't make your book better nor your aim.

my recommendation is - since you haven't provided a budget - is to find a switch type that feels good to you. I personally prefer MX-Brown switches, other people prefer MX-Red or Roemer-G -- maybe there's a store in your vicinity that has some keyboards on display or you got friends to try it. Once you're set on a switch type, find a TKL or compact keyboard by Ducky or Leopold. Can't really go wrong with these brands. They are extremely reliable, well-made and don't come with some buggy software suite.




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