What is the maximum refresh rate of a Acer X223W monitor?

Jul 3, 2018
Situation : Ok so basically, I encountered a problem while playing osu! The problem I am talking about is known as screen tearing.

My setup : My computer is sadly a windows 7 and not the best kind honestly. My graphic card is a GTX 650 up-to-date. As you already know my monitor is an Acer X223W and I'm using 1680x1050. All my drivers are up-to-date by the help of this <<Link removed by moderator>> The system is a 64x and my RAM is 4gb. The overall performance of my computer is 5.9/7.9. This prove it click me.

THE PROBLEM : While playing osu! with a CustomFrameLimiter of 600fps (to get a very low input lag and get an accurate cursor movement and aiming) my cursor experience high amount of screen tearing while I move it around. Also recently I got an issue where my monitor can't handle 60hrz anymore. Whenever I go in the properties of my monitor and change the frequency to "60hrz" the screen goes black and it says "Frequency not supported".

My questions : So I want to know what is the highest refresh rate my monitor can handle and what should I need to reduce the screen tearing happening in the game. If possible give informations about softwares that could help my computer in any ways possible.

In big I'm asking if with the "setup" I have it is possible to use still 600fps in the game and avoid screen tearing. Because the game mode I play the most is Standard and it requires a lot of accuracy. Now I got myself a Huion H430P Tablet for the "absolute tracking" advantage.

PS : This is my first time making a thread on this website I don't really know how things works so please be understandable. I would like to receive answers ONLY if you have something interessing to say about all this or if you have an accurate answer. Thanks!

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