What is the problem with my new computer? Help please?


May 23, 2011
I recently bought a new desktop. The specs are
intel core i5 2500k
Corsair 8gb
Asus 6950 2gb direct cu 2
asus p8p67
wd 1tb
cooler master haf 932
cooler master 700w psu
twinguard microtek 1kva ups
Acer 20" led

One day i noticed some kind of black smoke coming from the front of my case, I shunt down the computer immediately then. I opened the case and check the inside of my case i didn't find anything wrong and i am not a pro.After some time I started the computer and nothing happened. Later i played crysis 2 for about 5 hours and nothing happened. The temperature of my gpu was 45c after playing crysis as showed by asus smartdoctor and idle temp of gpu is 37c. Idle temp of my cpu is 40c and of motherboard is 32c shown in asus ai suit. I am using the stoke cooler for mu processor. Yesterday i ran a torture test in prime95 (in blend mode) about 1-2 hours and noted my cpu temperature as 46c and motherboard temperature as 37c. Still no presence of black smoke again. The room temperature is about 22c in my house. Now please tell me is there any problem with my computer, i am a little worried. Also any useful information's and tips are welcome. Also there is one more problem. When the computer is running in battery(ups) power there is strange buzzing sound coming from the case and ups, There is no sound when the computer is running normally. THANK YOU.


Mar 22, 2010
the CPU temp is good as is the GPU Temp, if anything they are low. a 2500k on a stock heatsink running prime for 1-2 hours should be showing 60-75C. A GPU should run under 80C on a full load. Lower is always better.

the only buzzing should be the ups as convert DC to AC. your PSU may be having issues what brand is it?