Question What is the Pros and cons of IGPU'S Like Vega8 ( Ryzen 3 2200G ) And Vega11 ( Ryzen 5 2400G) comparine with the dedicated gpu's

Jun 25, 2019
Is the vega 8 Equivalent Gt 1030 ?
Is the vega 11 Equivalent Gtx 1050 ?

i put this question for the games and the heavy task's

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In regards to gaming and heavy tasks:

Pro's of integrated GPUs:
  • They don't require much additional power, so no PSU upgrade.
  • You don't have to worry about fitting a GPU into the case.
  • Can usually easily play 1080p films for example.
Con's of integrated GPUs:
  • Significantly worse quality than even most low end dedicated GPUs.
  • Usually cannot play any modern games or applications.
  • Often use your RAM as VRAM.
  • Can't be upgraded.
In other words, if you want to game, you will basically always want a dedicated GPU. Even some of the lowest end and cheapest graphics cards are usually better than most integrated GPUs.

To build on that:
  • the GT1030 is better than the Vega 8. Not tons, but it is better.
  • the GTX1050 is better than the Vega 11. But the Vega 11 is probably fractionally better than the GT1030- but would be considered a side step.
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No, the Vega11 is more in the 1030 ballpark. Very respectable for an iGP, but falls a ways short of a 1050 most of the time.

Ryzen chips really benefit from faster memory.... Doubly true when talking about an APU. Not necessarily a pro or con.

Benefits are going to be in size/form factor, and power requirements more than anything else.

Discrete GPU's main benefits are more raw horsepower and upgradeability.


Dedicated GPUs
  1. Have their own RAM which they don't have to share. More RAM = better gaming textures/no memory limitations
  2. Dedicated GPU RAM is faster with a wider bus and tighter timing
  3. Dedicated GPU's don't have to worry about the amount of heat/power the CPU side puts out and vice versa.
APU's (CPU's with GPU's integrated graphics built in)
  1. are a ton cheaper
  2. make assembly easier for the first timer and
  3. can always be upgraded more cheaply later.
That said you can run a lot of games on 2400g with settings turned way down on 1080p and 720p. My kids even play Roblox on a 4K monitor with one. (Yes it's scaled) But I can also run Train simulator at 30fps @1080p. Not too shabby for a an iGPU.

You could start with a 2400g for $99 used and play with it and find out if you like it. If you don't you could sell it for $75 easy and get a powerful Ryzen 2 (3000 series) and dedicated GPU.
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