What is the single core performance in CPUs??

Abhishek 55

Apr 14, 2013
I am confused btween fx 8350 and i5 3570k
By comparing these 2 i found out that the fx only lags behind in single core performance.What is it?

I will use my PC for gaming,browsing net,watching videos ,music.....
So which one should i buy????


The single core performance is the performance a CPU would have if you disabled all except one of its cores. It's important because not all programs or games can just run faster by using more cores; some things are going to be limited by the performance of just one core, or just two cores, etc. instead of using any number of available cores to run faster.

The 3570K has significantly better single core performance, while the FX-8350 has twice as many cores. So when programs or games are able to effectively use more cores to run faster, the FX-8350 tends to be faster. When programs or games are not able to effectively use more cores to run faster, the 3570K is usually faster.

Browsing, watching videos, listening to music - none of that is slowed down by any serious CPU these days. So for you, it comes down to games. A lot of games struggle to effectively use more cores to run faster, so the 3570K is generally going to give you better performance.

Of course, some software just prefers the way AMD does things, and some software just prefers the way Intel does things. So there are always going to be some tradeoffs.


Oct 5, 2010
Modern CPUs have several cores for executing several tasks simultaneously. However, not all software can take advantage of it. Some software can run on all cores. Some can run on 2, some on 4, and some only on 1.

Games usually use between 2 and 4 cores.

The FX8350 is an 8 core CPU (actually 8 modules, but no need to explain the difference here), whereas the 3570K is only 4 cores.

The 3570K has better single core performance, meaning that software that runs on only 1 core runs faster on a 3570K than on an FX8350.

It also means that software that runs on 4 cores or less, will also run faster on a 3570K.

Software that can use 8 cores (or any more than 4) has a good chance of running faster on an FX 8350.

Games rarely run on more than 4 cores, so the 3570K is the better gaming processor. The types of apps that can use the full 8 cores of the FX8350 include video editing, photo editing, modelling and simulation apps.

Although it's theoretically true that the 3570K is the better gaming processor, the FX8350 is certainly good enough and you would almost certainly not notice the difference. Out of the apps you list, there are none that would really show the benefits of the FX8350 over the 3570K.