Question What is wrong with this monitor?

Mar 1, 2019
If I plug it in any of the power outlets in my walls it powers on and works perfect.

If I plug it in any of 4 extension cords I got it doesn't power on. And after pluging it into extension cord for a while it doesn't power on even if I plug it into any of the power outlets in my walls. But give it couple minutes and its back to working, but only with electrical outlets in my walls...

Is this issue related to my monitor or something to do with all my 4 extension cords? Could all my 4 extension cords be faulty and give a shock to the monitor so it needs some time to recover after you plug it into one of them?

Any ideas?

PS. I have had similar thing happen with my laptop. It quit powering on, and then pluging it directly into wall electric outlet after 30 mins made it work again. However, after that it would work with extension cords. With the monitor, extension cords make it unusable for few minutes... Any ideas, is the monitor faulty or is there a good explanation for this?

Any Ideas?
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It sounds more like a low voltage on the wall socket. Extension cords cause a voltage drop and it's dropping low enough that they are not wanting to go on. But this also causes it to try to pull higher amps to compensate and you are overheating it. This is what's causing a cooldown period before it works again. I could be completely off but it's a sure thing that it's not the monitor or laptop if both do it. Also I would not suggest using the extension cord on that socket anymore as you are damaging anything that's having these symptoms.