What kind of CPU Socket do I have, and what kind of CPU should I buy?


Nov 6, 2013
Hello everyone, this Christmas, I'm thinking about getting a new processor.
I have a ASUS K55N-DS81
The processor I have now is a AMD A8-4500M APU
I need to know what kind of CPU Socket I have, and I also need some suggestions on what processor I should get. I'm just a moderate gamer, I do things like Team Fortress 2, Blacklight Retribution, thinking about getting MW3, or 4. I'm not looking for max settings in more of the hardcore games, I can already run TF2 flawlessly.
My budget is around 300-400 dollars.
I'm really bad at this, I can't find any info anywhere.

Thanks for any responses, I'm in the dark here!


Jun 10, 2014
There is no tangible video card in these type mobile processors. The APU is integrated with the CPU on the same chip. So when you upgrade your CPU you upgrade your graphics also. The APU/CPU mentioned above has been done and I have seen it personally. Works wonderful. Add a SSD to the mix and you will notice a massive difference in power/speed on your computer. I currently have the exact same model as you with 8 GB of ram @ 1600 mhz and I plan on doing the same exact swap soon myself. It really opened up a significant difference. I am not sure if you can go with other processor models (I have only seen the a10 4600 done personally) but if it is the correct socket (FS1r2) then you should be able to upgrade. Check the power draw which is 35w on your current setup, and if it is the same, your power supply will surely be enough to power the new CPU. I hope this helps. :D

You can def go with a A8-5550M to upgrade in the A8 series and the A10-4600M or A10-5750M to upgrade with no issues at all. All three have the same power draw, and the speeds will correspond in order: A8-5550M- 3.1GHz, A10-4600M- 3.2GHz and A10-5750M- 3.5GHz (all speeds @ turbo boost settings)