What kind of GPU,PSU and Case should i buy?


Feb 14, 2014
Im about to build my new computer and ive asked this before getting different opinions but i keep changing things and exploring new options. Im honestly probably making this harder than it is but anyway..
Here is what ive pretty much decided on (let me know your opinions on this as well, like is this necessary or not..)
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X (This is definite, i want this, nothing you say will make me change this choice)

MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon (I want multi GPU support but dont know if this board is necessary. I want a middle of the road kinda thing.)
16GB DDR4 3200 dual channel.
Corsair Graphite Series 760T (this is a full tower, im not sure how big this really is, i havent checked the dimensions, but i may want to use water cooling at some point later on, i read a bigger case is nice when using water cooling, not to mention i may have a multi GPU setup, and like 4 HDDs and 2 CD/DVD drives i want to add if theres room)

What i really dont know is about the GPU and the PSU. I guess the PSU would have to be decided after i decide on the GPU.
I am learning python and i am interested in cuda python. I want to be able to utilize this in applications when i begin writing them, and i need an Nvidia GPU with cuda cores to use cuda python if im not mistaken.
When i originally was thinking about building my computer i wanted multiple GPUs hooked together with SLI or Crossfire, but i cannot use either of those with a GPU that supports cuda from what i understand.
(Also, before i go further, i have an L desk as my work space and i have a quad monitor setup with my current computer. I want to make sure i can use this. I do not want to have to buy new monitors or not be able to use one)
I want to use this computer for video editiing, using adobe after effects, and sony vegas pro, and i also want to be able to game on this computer at 60FPS or a little higher. I have a gaming monitor that supports 144FPS, so if i can get 100 thatd be nice.
But at the same time i dont want to spend 800 dollars on a GTX 1080. I mean i want to.. lol but thats alot for just the GPU. I have some money to blow here but not that much. Is it even worth it? Can i use 2 4GB cards without SLI or crossfire? and if i can what do i need to do to utilize the second GPU? How do i pick one GPU to complete one task and then the other for something different?
I have a GTX 750TI running in my current computer. Can i buy a 4GB card and then utilize this GPU i already have aswell?
Ive read i can use multiple GPUs without SLI or crossfire, but is there any point in that? I just want my computer to run fast and super smooth, get video rendering done in a reasonable amount of time, and at the same time not bog my computer down while its doing it. I want to begin rendering a video and then play a game or be able to do other work at the same time. Currently if im video editing i cannot do anything else, i can hardly edit to be honest, sony vegas pro and adobe after effects consume my resources to the point where i can only use one or the other application at once. If i want to i want to be able to use both these applications simultaneously, i mean if thats possible with the kind of hardware im talking about.
Would a single 4GB card be enough? and if it would be which one should i buy? i see some for 250 and some for nearly 400. Whats the difference? Is a 400 dollar card going to work faster than the 250 or 300 dollar cards? I tried reading the product description but i dont really know whats faster or better than the others.
I just want to make sure im buying what i need the first time around.
I know i want Ryzen 7 1700X. Thats about all im reallt sure about though. If my setup looks good just let me know what kind of GPU or GPUs i should be getting, and il get some of this stuff this stuff within the next week or so.


I believe SLI is only useful for gaming.

GPU prices are crazy right now. There isn't really any at a good price.

If I was getting one today though, I would get a (the one below) GTX 1060 6GB even though it (and any cheaper GTX 10 series GPU) cannot utilize SLI and are all overpriced.

Video Card: MSI - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6GB GAMING X Video Card ($374.98 @ Newegg)
Power Supply: SeaSonic - FOCUS Plus Gold 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($97.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Total: $472.97

and whatever case you want.