Question What makes a good HDR monitor?


I am thinking of buying the cheapest 4K 120+Hz HDR available. That said, I want the HDR experience to be good enough, because I don't want to pay too much.

I watched some videos saying that HDR400 is terrible.

How much HDR is good enough? What kind of HDR specs is good enough?

Thank you in advance.
Well, the 400 in HDR400 means the panel can only achieve around 400 nits of peak brightness, which is generally not enough to achieve the contrast of HDR.

I'd say HDR600 is enough, but the standard is pretty wide and lots of panels can be HDR600, some better than others.
If a monitor has HDR1000, you can be sure it is good, if it has HDR600, you should check reviews of it to see if it's good.