What should I upgrade for my computer to handle modern games?

Jul 18, 2018
Hello everyone!

Recently I've been upgrading my hardware to try and make it a capable gaming PC. However i still cant reach that, therefore i'm asking "you guys" to try and give me tips and tricks, to make my PC a gaming PC.

My current specs are as listed:
Intel Core 2 quad, Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
Asus G31M-S Mother board
4GB DDR2 @ 333mhz
GTX 750 ti (Overclocked a little bit)
550 Watt power supply
1TB hhd

I was personally thinking to upgrade my CPU to a 3rd gen intel i3 or i5. However i cant find a cheap motherboard for it and it is kind of expensive. I am also on a tight budget so if i were to upgrade to a Q9650, it is on the expensive side.
I also wouldn't mind if someone linked a cheap and good micro atx case, because mine is too crowded by wires, which promotes bad airflow.

If you need any more info, feel free to ask, and thank you in advance!

CPU upgrade would need a MB/RAM upgrade, and, gaming wise, and the GTX750 is a 720P card at best with any modern games, if it meets min specs...

Probably best to look for an R5-2400G-based /B350 or 450 (when they hit suppply channels) DDR4 combo, which (w/ integrated video)will at least run at GTX1030 levels without needing a separate GPU initially...



because he already has a better gpu he would be much better off getting an i3 8100 setup