What should we expect from Crysis 3?


Nov 27, 2012
I played it....I think it's beautiful and fluid and it sounds great and the controls are crisp. I have a newer computer and was able to play it on very high settings across the board(with the exception of AA which I had to keep around mid settings). It is AMAZING.

But is that enough?

So my question is: What should we be expecting from Crysis 3 or for that matter, ANY new shooter?

In my opinion, when you strip down Crysis 3 and remove the graphics you are left with a shooter not that much different then other shooters. Now I know that a FPS is only so "deep" and to expect much more then running around killing stuff may be unwarranted, but I'm being asked to pay $60 or more dollars for this game.

If it's essentially just a shooter(only pretty) then is it worth it? Should we be expecting more from these games? Should we be paying less then average videogame prices because the game is providing less then average new content and features?

Please don't take this as just another "Noob" ranting about FPS's. This same discussion could be applied to the MMO genera as well where, when you strip things down, you have a lot of very similar games asking for a lot of your money.

So I'd love some feedback from affectionados of the game and genera. Is it enough that the graphics are updated and some "tweaking" of ideas are introduced in Crysis 3 that full retail price is justified or are we simply being asked to pay to much for games that are not much more then revisions of their earlier manifestations.
Hi :)

I play EVERY new fps... with the best graphics card in the World (7990 6gb)

I want a plain old fashioned FPS... BIG guns and good graphics...

What I don't want is what I got in Far Cry 3 (which I gave up on and will NOT complete)... I DON'T want to craft things or make things or do deals....I JUST want to shoot things...

Thats what an FPS "SHOULD" be ...and I wont be buying FAR CRY 4 if it doesn't go back to being a genuine FPS..

Please tell me that I can JUST shoot things in Crysis 3 ????

All the best Brett :)


Jun 23, 2011

It is not unwarranted to want more from an FPS.

The first game that really made me realize this was S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Finally there was a game that took FPS mechanics seriously, but brought it to an open-world, mission-based environment. It had a deeply interesting story, fantastic artistic direction, difficult AI combined with a harsh environment, and an immersive atmosphere like I had never experienced in an FPS before.

We have game engine technology now to take this type of gameplay to the next level, but nobody seems to be interested in doing it. Yes, FarCry3 was open-world and mission-based, but the story was just so......adolescent. I just didn't care about it by the end. The environment was also a bit mundane.....as it was pretty much just tropical island with some old shacks and a few ruins. I definitely got my money's worth out of the game (it was a good bit of fun), but compared to STALKER it was like swimming in the kiddie pool.

Here's what I want in an FPS:

-Great writing. Interesting characters (with some proper character development!) and a compelling story.

-Great care given to shooting and movement mechanics.

-Interesting, difficult, capable AI (FarCry2 did this a lot better IMO than FarCry3). I would rather have a few really smart NPC's than hoards of idiots.

-Impeccable artistic direction and sound engineering.

I don't care if it's open-world, semi-linear, or linear, as long as it's done well.....I like both styles of gameplay.

Haha, knew you'd be posting here, Stringjam.

I want Crysis 3 to make me feel like the Predator. This is what Crysis 1 did so well in some of the levels. (Also, blowing helicopters out of the sky.) The reason I'm such a big fan of the Crysis series is the nanosuit. Cloaking and sniping or armoring up and taking a group head-on - then cloaking to escape, leaving the enemy in confusion is nice, and playing at your own pace is even nicer. Crysis 2 definitely funnelled you more than I liked, but take the lighthouse mission for example - cloaking and sniping/snapping necks or running and gunning worked, and though it was fairly linear, there were a few different pathways. Nothing like Crysis 1, and what I expect from Crysis 3 though. I do want more options, and I really like the bow, even if one-shot-kills don't exactly make sense.

Also, maybe to my detriment, I believe the graphics elevate the gameplay because of the immersion factor. And I'm super-pumped that my current rig can run the game at an average of 40fps @ 900p on Very High + SMAA medium.


Dec 25, 2012

Couldn't agree more with this ;) Keep a FPS a FPS.. Example: Quake Live (love that game)


Feb 18, 2012

It sounds like you would enjoy painkiller or Serious Sam. Ever tried them?
The multiplayer is actually quite fun, I enjoy it a lot myself.

I think it's worth 60$, because I'm sure the campaign will be amazing unlike a lot of other FPS, I really got some great expectations. So great multiplayer and a great campaign, I think the Crysis team did a good job so far and I only wanna see more and hope they keep on improving, so buying the game would also help them improving in the future, every buy counts.

I hope you all enjoy the BETA, happy gaming! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Hi :)

Played both...all the different games of both.... I loved SS , Painkiller was ok...

Trouble is there are no true FPS , that I haven't played , which means I have to wait for new ones to come out :(

Which is why I was so disappointed with Far Cry 3...

All the best Brett :)


Nov 27, 2012
Well from listening to others here and on other sites and from friends it would seem that the general thought is that as long as there is big ol' guns and pretty maps to run around then the prices are justified. If that's the way the wind blows then I'm in the minority and I respect the many opinions of others who disagree.

Somehow it still feels like the "running shoes" thing. You know how you see people spend $300 on a pair of new shoes and then three months later, when a marginally different pair come out on the market and gets a bunch of hype, the same people abandon their virtually unblemished shoes for the new pair....at the cost of another $300

Sigh.....I'm gonna go play dukenukem 3D ;)


Jun 11, 2012
My favorite type of FPS is like Half Life 2. There are solid shooter mechanics, but the puzzles and well thought out story mix things up and keep me engaged. I can never get into games like Quake because you do the same thing over and over again. I also thoroughly enjoyed Far Cry 3. Like with Half Life 2, the combat is fun, but it also has the crafting and side quests to keep things interesting.

I've been playing the Crysis 3 Beta, and overall it is pretty fun. I think Crytek is relying a little too much on the graphics though. Like the OP said, if you remove the glorious visuals, it is basically an average shooter. The abilities and whatnot mix it up a little, but still.

Anyway, to each their own.
Had to share:

“Here are some enemies,” Crysis 3 says. “They think they’re better than you. Show them who they’re stepping to.”
“I shall!” you shout, as you are wise in the ways of the FPS. “Just hand me a gun and point me towards injustice!”
“A gun?” scoffs Crysis 3. “Oh, you’re adorable. A gun, he says. Bless him. How about instead I give you two guns, a cloak of invisibility and a bullet shield that I will never penalise you for using? Maybe the ability to run faster and jump further than any man, or remote-hack any enemy tech in your line-of-sight by way of a piss-easy minigame? And would you like to be able to heal any damage you do manage to take by hiding for 4 seconds?”
“Wow. But what I was really hoping for was a one-shot-kill weapon that I can use from ridiculous range without breaking stealth and that has reusable ammunition. Also, I’d like it to explode stuff.”
“Ha, thanks for reminding me. Here’s the Predator Bow. It does everything you just said, and looks bitching. Enjoy! And try not to get too dirty.”

- Mick Fraser from GodisaGeek