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Question What Software will get rid of unwanted strings of text in a file name? Rapid File Renamer?


Jun 6, 2011
I made a slight mistake when I was using Rapid File Renamer when working with about 35k songs. I didn't notice a checkbox and produced double text in about 1/3 of my collection of mp3 filenames. Here is an example:

Anthrax-04 Panic04 Panic.mp3
Anthrax-05 Subjugator05 Subjugator.mp3
Anthrax-06 Soldiers Of Metal06 Soldiers Of Metal.mp3
Anthrax-07 Death From Above07 Death From Above.mp3

I would want to remove the underlined red text from each individual filename but, I don't want to manually edit each file. Looking for a setting or any software that could somehow fix my problem rapidly.

Right now I am just repairing each file at a time deleting double text. Rapid File Renamer is what I have been using to edit files. Adding the band name to file is one of the tasks I deploy, as well as, removing double spaces.



Do you happen to have a backup of your collection? Hopefully so with 35K songs....

Just copy back the collection with the undoubled names. Or all of the collection if need be.

If not, create the backups even if doubly named. It could be all too easy to have something else go astray when dealing with "mass" file renaming. Or experience some other catastrophic issue.

Fixing the filenames (approx. 11,000) is indeed daunting.

Key is to identify any filename consistencies that can be taken advantage of...

Likely quite doable by someone knowledgeable with the use of Python (or some other programming language) along with strings, parsing, and concatenation.

You may be able to "clean up" or otherwise simplify the problem with an application such as Advanced Renamer as suggested. Likely to do most of the work.

Then mop up using Python.

For example; the hypens and "0's" (zeros) if consistent could serve as a delimiter within the file name.

Parse the double file name into a table: Band, song name, duplicate song name, file type.

Then concatenate Band, song name, file type and then rename the file with the result.

Overall appears messy but with the applicable discipline a viable bit of programming may solve the problem.

"“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” - Albert Einstein