What The Tom’s Team Played This Weekend: PC Building Simulator

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Jun 15, 2006
I co-teach a Student Tech Team at a High School and we are looking at getting a copy to let kids mock build PCs and get a taste of using tech skills and trouble shooting.
"Twenty years ago, gaming is what got me excited about PC hardware. Hacking up the Celeron 300A was a means to an end; I wanted Quake II to run better"

LOL Chris I could have written that line myself. EXACTLY. My first build in 1998 was the Celery 300 overclocked to ~400MHz running a Riva TNT GPU pushing a Dell 17" Trinitron 1280x1024 CRT. I don't remember the memory but the HDD was a whopping 4.3GB, which I still have, and yes it still works (Western Digital made in Malaysia). All for Quake II and Half Life 1. I never looked back since.

[quotemsg=20849844,0,2297927]lol. This is a thing?[/quotemsg]

Uhm, yeah. It may sound silly but as stated above, there is a use for this to introduce people/students into the world of building a PC. Just like flight simulators for aspiring pilots. I might get this myself and I've been building PCs for 20 years.
[quotemsg=20851142,0,1536795]If farm simulators and truck simulators can get yearly releases, this isn't really too far fetched[/quotemsg]

I don't have Farm Simulator but I do have ETS2 and ATS. It's a sleeper in addiction. Especially with all the cool freeware add-ons available to trick your truck out, add cool AI vehicles to traffic, weather, gas station mods, etc. When I'm not in the mood to sim race and just want to chill, I just kick back in a truck and enjoy the countryside on my way to a delivery.

John Pombrio

Mar 12, 2013
This sounds like my old job at HP with Test and measurement gear. The game developers would need to pay me to play the game.


Feb 3, 2017
This is great for people that wants to build and test some PC parts but doesn't have the money to buy them in real life. Just wish that there is benchmark option and that the results are all similar to their real world counter-part. Planning to play this game.
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