Question Whats causing cpu temp spikes lag and frame drops?


Feb 10, 2017
Having an issue with gpu temp spikes, cpu temp spikes and frame drops and overall pc bad performance, with monitor lag and ghosting.

I recently got a new monitor, a Samsung curved 27 full hd it had software and drivers, installed them but ended up with ghosting, lag and other issues. Temps on both gpu and cpu keep spiking and usage too but nothing that shows in task manager that might be conflicting.

Gpu usage 100%, cpu 80%+ using battlefield its causing temps to spike into high 70's never went above 60 before. performance is just so bad, but only after a few days with this monitor. Started off with ghosting but set games to borderless to solve it but then all ghosting again,changing settings won't work as they did and frame drops from 120 down to 5.

I've tried uninstalling the Samsung software and drivers, cleaned registry, ddu graphics drivers and audio drivers with clean install.

I've also cleaned pc and updated bios, malware scans and virus all clean.

Any idea? I'm guessing it's a driver issue as after uninstalling the drivers for the monitor it still shows its name and model and audio too even tho there is no speakers in this monitor.

Ryzen 3600, 240mm Liquid cooled, 16gb ddr4.