What's the best bang for your buck SSD right now? Also how to use both SSD and HDD together?


Jan 1, 2012
What's the best bang for your buck SSD right now? I see the Samsung EVO's mentioned alot. Are they a tier above the rest in terms of stability and price?

Also how to use both SSD and HDD together?

Do I connect SSD and set it as primary and install windows on it. Then set the HDD as secondary and that's it?

Is there performance lost if I install games on HDD and with operating system on SDD?
1. It's best to install the SSD, install windows then install the HDD. If both drives are brand spanking new then you can install them both and tell windows to install on the ssd. Otherwise you may encounter odd issues.

2. No. In fact there would be a performance gain as the HDD would only have to focus on loading the game data. Most people will have the OS and a few vital programs on the SSD and games on the HDD.

3. SSD's are so young relatively speaking that the jury is still out on which is the most reliable. I say just get the most you can for your dollar.


Aug 8, 2007
the below can be used as a guidance in terms of what you seek when you want to get a new SSD


dont put the SSD to an IDE interface as it sucks to the max in terms of performance. connect it to a SATA 3 interface for maximum performance.

get a separate SSD for your gaming only and leaving your HDD for stuff like backups. movies etc. this way you can guarantee that there is no bottleneck from the game data loading point of view. games like witcher 3/SC2 will take a huge time to load if you install it on a HDD while will take only a few seconds if installed in a SSD.

btw when you initially setting up the os in SSD do only perform a quick format.

also please make sure you have 8GB of RAM as it seems this is the current acceptable setup for most PC's when it comes to gaming.