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Question What's the best thing to upgrade?

May 18, 2020
Hello there,

Recently I have been thinking about upgrading both my pc and monitor, but I can't decide what is the best to upgrade first. I am running a pretty old pc right now, but can still run most games as medium-high settings at 60 fps. Although, I do realize that with some newer games I experience heavy frame drops. Most of the time this is solved by lowering the quality of the game.

The pc I am using right now has these specs:
cpu: intel core i7 2600k
gpu: gigabyte gtx 1050ti
mobo: asus p67 sabertooth
ram: 16gb ddr3 1333mHz
cooler: scyte katana 3 (not super sure)
psu: corsair rm750x
ssd: samsung 256gb ssd
hdd: wd blue 1tb 7200rpm

I am currently using a 24" dell 60hz monitor overclocked to 70hz, and a tv with 60hz of which I don't know the size.

I am really not sure what the best thing is to upgrade since with a beast pc I can get high fps, but can't really use it with a 60hz monitor and a better monitor is also not a good option because I am sure I won't get to 144+ hz.