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Question What's the Windows Update exe name under System32 (specific file name) blocking Internet Access to prevent forced updates

Apr 11, 2019
I'm looking ways to block Windows Update internet access so it wont download or install updates without my permission, I already disabled it via Services and gpedit.msc however I would feel more safer if I block it under my firewall. I need to learn specific file .exe name in order to block it, I found one but I'm not sure if its the correct one or not since there is like billions of exes under System32, I assume its under System32, C:\WINDOWS\System32\wuauclt.exe is this is the one I'm looking for? I'm on Windows 10 1803, I plan to unblock it in future if MS can get their crap together and release a proper update without bugs and errors,


I am not sure that that is a viable option.

MS is allowing some end user control with respect to updates.



And it is easy to find other similar articles.

Work with the configuration options that are available. The firewall approach is likely to become cumbersome and even counter-productive.

Remember that at some point MS will force updates for security reasons if anything. If there is a "blockable" file then that would be an easy workaround from Microsoft's perspective.

And blocking all updates may not end well either.

My recommendation is to ensure that you have critical computers backed up and all of the necessary recovery measures in place, verified, and tested.

That way, you can at least recover if/when some update goes really bad.

Just my thoughts on the matter.