Question Whats with the high speed fan and weird hot part that isnt on speccy

Apr 15, 2019

what is my fan1, why is the RPM so high
what is temp1 and why is it on average higher, i cant find that in speccy

i can clearly see my PC isnt overheating in speccy by no clue what Temp1 is and why its running hotter than rest of my pc.

just put in a new CPU and GPU, though only started after new CPU
im just a broke girl so my upgrade was fx8350 amd with stock fan lol
but ever since i put it in been sounding like air force is taking off in my bedroom...
i can control the speed for what its worth and i am only assuming Fan1 is my cpu cuz the other two i tested were just my pc fans.

currently got 3 case fans, one in front, one in back and one on top. back one pushes air out and top pushed air in.
then there is the clearly listed GPU fan
then i am assuming by ruling out everything else, fan1 is my cpu stock fan on my 8350fx amd

basically i wanna make my pc not sound like an air show and not overheat like one either?

so is fan1 my cpu fan? and whats temp1? my guess was PSU but idk.... just temp1 rocking higher temps and idk why
Mar 23, 2019
just curious why it says your RAM is only single channel? I had issues when I replaced a CPU cooler, with it being too tight and it caused my RAM to show as single channel as well, Windows task manager showed only 4 of the 8GB of RAM being used and 4GB as hardware reserved, could the CPU cooler be too tight? wich is perhaps causing false readings I think for your fans it maybe best to have the top fan as an exhaust, where heat rises , using it as intake I would think would keep hot air in the case much longer. I could be wrong though, my case has 6 fans ( I only use 3) but one in front is intake, back and top are exhaust, my fan (CPU) has a bios control that can be disabled to allow fan to run at 100% all the time, maybe you have disabled this feature somehow? might check bios for Smart fan controls and make sure they are enabled.
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