Question When Playing Games, Screen Flashes Green then goes dark and PC is unresponsive


Jul 12, 2017
A lot of times, when I am gaming, the screen will suddenly flash green and then go dark, then the audio will become a growl-like sound. The PC will then be unresponsive to all keyboard and mouse input, until I restart it by pressing the restart button.

Windows Reliability Monitor only shows that Windows has been unexpectedly shut down, which I postulate is due to me force restarting my PC via the restart button.

How do I prevent this? Although this glitch seems to happen at random intervals, is there a way to remedy it?

PC specs:
i7 7700K
MSI z270 gaming motherboard
16 GB ram
system is on a 120 GB SATA SSD
Games are on a 1 TB Disk drive