Question Whenever I watch a video on my second monitor, my main monitor black screens, second monitor freezes, but audio continues to play ?


Aug 20, 2021
At random points when I'm playing a game, my main monitor will turn black and freeze, my second monitor will freeze but audio will still be playing. If I leave it like this, eventually my main monitor will reset itself and an AMD crash reporter thing will pop up. After a restart, everything is back to normal. This problem started appearing 2 weeks ago. Before that I had no problems.

A weird part is that, sometimes I could watch a super long video while playing a game and have no problem. Then the next time I try to watch a video and play a game, it crashes within a few seconds.

If I'm not watching a video, then I am able to play without a crash.

Things I've Tried:
  • Undervolting GPU
  • Reseating GPU PCIE Power cables from the PSU and GPU
  • Reinstalling GPU Drivers
-Windows Update
-Reseating GPU


CPU: R5 2600x
GPU: 5700xt Gaming X
PSU: Corsair RMX 550X (purchased in 2020)
RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB 2666mhz

Any ideas on further steps I can take to troubleshoot?

Thank You.


Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer. Either one or both tools may capturing some error code, warning, or just an informational event before or at the time of the freezes. Error code numbers and descriptions should be listed.

Start with Reliability History. User friendly and the time line format can highlight problems and reveal patterns. What changed/happened "two weeks ago"?

Check Update History for any failed or problem updates.

Event Viewer requires more time and effort.

To help:

In both tools you can click any given error for more details. However, the details may or may not be helpful.

There is no need to immediately react to any discovered problems. Post what you find and then do additional research.

As a general observation the PSU is a likely suspect based on make, model, wattage, and age....

Likely nearing its' designed in EOL (End of Life) and beginning to falter and fail under load and/or wattage peaks.