Question Where to find Graphics Driver Downloads for RTX 2070 Mobile Max-Q


Mar 29, 2022
Hi. I have recently been experiencing game issues with Forza Horizon 4 where I can play for around 10mins - 30mins fine everything smooth and then everything just freezes. I can exit out of the game, the music still plays from it, everything is fine outside of it but the picture completely freezes up. At this point my GPU temps are around 60c - 65c and my CPU 85c - 90c (i7 8750H). My RAM still has around 20% free. So I know my system is fine, not overheating, clocks start to turbo back up when I am out of the game, my Nvidia GPU still is running and even cools down (same for my CPU). I checked Steam and Reddit forums about this and A LOT of people claimed that drivers above 522.2 would cause this issue and rolling drivers back to between 517.? to 522.25 would "solve" the issue which a lot of people claimed worked however aside from a few sketchy sites I don't fully trust I cannot find drivers for the 2070MQ or even any MQ variants. My system hasn't saved the previous versions and I cannot find any menu in Geforce experience that would let me rollback my GPUs drivers. Where can I find drivers to rollback my GPU if possible?
(My Laptop is a Dell Alienware M17)