Question Which 2TB M.2 drive for my plans?


Nov 18, 2010
I'm currently looking into a single 2TB M.2 drive to replace my 860 EVO 250GB (OS/apps) and 1TB WD Black HDD (games). It would be used for OS and all software - including the large number of games I keep installed - along with space for working files (videos/photos for Premiere Pro, Lightroom, and Photoshop).

I have an ASUS Prime B365M-A and 8700K with 1080 Ti and 32GB ram. Current storage setup is an 860 EVO 250GB for OS and basic apps, then a 1TB WD Black HDD for games (I keep a lot installed, so not nearly enough room left on the 860). And I also have a 6TB WD Black HDD for storage, which wouldn't be changing during the upgrade.

Aside from typical browsing and stuff, my use mixes video and photography editing for work and play, along with gaming (Fortnite, Total War games, a pretty wide variety of genres).

I figure 2TB's should give me plenty of space for this purpose on a single drive without having to constantly worry about filling it up, plus it would allow me to finally remove my ancient 1TB Black HDD that's obviously a slug for gaming. And honestly, even the 860 EVO is "slow" at this point compared to modern stuff, so I may even see a noticeable difference there with certain uses.

Which drive would you go with for 2TB M.2? This board is PCIe 3, so something awesome like the Firecuda is pointless (I wish). I've had my eye on the 970 EVO Plus, as I can get it for about $300 shipped. I'm sure I'm splitting hairs between many of the options, but it's fun to read about and discuss. Any input or advice is appreciated.