Question Which AM5 Motherboard Should I Get For The Price?


Jun 12, 2016
I have mostly Corsair/ROG system (for iCue integration). Willing to go for AM5 system but motherboards confused me for the price and specs.

I have following options:

Rog B650E-E at 530USD, x670 Aorus Elite at 521USD and B65E Aorus Master at 527 USD.

Aorus Master seems superior to other ones (VRM, cooling etc.) on the paper but is it really worth get it?

By considering the Corsair/Rog system, is it worth going for either Aorus one (one x670 instead of B, other is superior on the paper)? Thanks.
I honestly don't think that ANY of those boards are worth it. The VRMs on all of the AM5 boards have been shown to be fantastic. I think that the weakest boards I saw were ASUS (believe it or not).

If I were to buy a B650E motherboard today, it would be the ASRock B650E PG Riptide. If you're in Turkey, then this should help you quite a bit:

ASRock B650E PG Riptide - ₺5,993
This listing shows free shipping to Turkey from Newegg.

I see no point in buying a high-end B650E board. If you want a high-end board, get an X670E because a board is only as good as its chipset. That's why my past two boards have been the ASRock X370 Killer SLI and ASRock X570 Pro4. Both boards have served me flawlessly.