Question Which deal would be better -- the Ryzen 5 5600G and it's iGPU, or the 5600x and a GT 1030 ?

Nov 19, 2021
i currently own a gt 1030 with an i3-2120. looking to build a new system for myself for college work and some light gaming. idk if my gpu is in good condition or not because it sometimes never gives a signal and sometimes it just works fine and i have no other systems to test it with. the system that im using is way outdated. and im looking for a nice upgrade. with the current gpu market, i dont think i'll be buying one for a long time so just wanted to see if the 5600x + a gt1030 would perform better in games than a 5600g and its igpu alone. or are they both really similar.


5600X plus the GT1030, much more flexible.

GT1030 and the Vega 7 have similar performance, but you are relying on the the system memory as VRAM for the APU. You also lose out on PCIe lanes to the primary graphics slot.
With you already owning a GT 1030 and not planning to buy a GPU for a long time, the 5600 is a bit of a waste as you won't utilize its full potential with a GT 1030.

I would go for an i3 instead. You would save $150+ and be that much closer to buying a better GPU, which the i3 would also support.

CPU: Intel Core i3-10100F 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor ($91.88 @ Amazon)


I changed my mind. The 5600G seems to perform better. Just be sure you can afford 16GB of DDR4 3200 or faster RAM.

You won't be using all your PCIE lanes on a budget system (most likely).
You won't be using all 16GB of RAM with the iGPU.
You can always disable the iGPU and free yourself of both disadvantages.
You can sell your GT 1030.

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Neither GPU is by any measure even a 'good' gaming GPU for modern games. The 5600X will at least leave you with a top-end gaming processor that will match well with any existing gaming GPU when they become more 'cost reasonable' in the future.

If installed cost is close enough I'd go with the 5600X combo. But if your gaming only extends to older undemanding games the 5600G might be better choice, especially if the installed cost is considerably in favor of it.