Which Driver First?


Nov 7, 2012
So. I had no idea where to post this, but this seems right. and Since Im talking about the PC as a whole =D
Anyway, Ive kinda had a brainfart when it comes to first time installation.

So Say Im building a new system with w/e parts.

Ive got it all but together and am booting up to the Windows Environment for the FIRST time.

I cant remember the 'Proper" order to install drivers.

So, Should I ever decide to build another system. And I probably will in the near future.

So I normally use -

Intel CPUs
Motherboard (Varies depending on features and Chipset)
Wireless (MB)
Sound (MB)
Intergrated Graphics (MB)
SATA and USB stuffs
RAM (Varies)
Intel SSDs (Sometimes)
DVD player
NO TV Tuners
NO Raid Controllers
NO Dedicated Sound cards
NO add-in card (Really)

Based on what I posted. When you first turn on your new build. What order would you install your drivers?
I plan on writing it down for my next build so Im not walking in the dark. Or freak out my motherboard by installing GPU drivers Before Chipset lol

This can include installing drivers from a CD/DVD before being able to use wireless to DL latest version from manufactures website

Ive browsed about the internet for suggestions, but I know I can always trust the fine fokes at tomshardware for epic opinions =D


Oct 26, 2012
Well, I don't know the full order but I know from having massive problems before, you have to install chipset drivers BEFORE other drivers like sound drivers. Otherwise, I ran into all sorts of trouble with the sound drivers uninstalling each reboot of the machine.

Deleted member 217926

I install the network drivers from the disk that comes with the motherboard then go to the motherboard manufacturers website and download all the newest drivers from there. Then the graphics driver from the Nvidia or Ati website. You pretty much never want to use the drivers that come on the disks unless you don't have an internet connection. Just make sure you install the chipset drivers before everything else you download and you will be fine.